“A Dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than he/she loves them self”

We have Toy and small Miniature Parti Poodles, Apricot, Reds and Blacks!    All our dogs are AKC registered, PRA tested.
Ask us about adult dog adoption, they are social and house broke.  Our Poodles are not caged!

paige wegotpuppies 1PAIGE - is a small Mini, silky red color, stands 12 inches, let's say "she likes to make a Big Entrance"! Very friendly, playful and smart so we channel these qualities to learn more tricks and commands. She will gives us good size minis. We love her. . .
MARGO - She is our "Beach Blonde" women would die to have her hair color! She carries the parti gene and gives us gorgeous color parti puppies. She is a small mini, 12 inches, Super fun personality, Very trainable, loves to please, not alpha, just gets along with all the dogs. She is that girl in school that everyone wants to hang out with. . . .
ashia wegotpuppiesASHIA – Brindle in color, stands 11 1/2 inches, small Mini, she is super loving, playful. Conformation is correct, fancy mover. She enjoys playing on the agility obstacles, good in obedience. Very serious hunter, when allowed. She gives us brindle/tri color parti puppies!
des wegotpuppies 400DESIREE - black/white parti female, small mini, 11 inches, built lean, gorgeous conformation. Playful, active and passes this fun personality onto her puppies. Her puppies are always gorgeous, you have to get in line for her pups. Desiree loves her tennis ball, actually loves all games that interact with people. She is my shadow, always by my side if not with her puppies.
FERGIE– beautiful dark red, small mini, stands 12 inches, super playful, friendly, she is not shy but I would call her "Mellow". Very smart of course. She is a new mommy, we are excited to see her puppies as they go out into the world.
LEXI - daughter of Desiree and Calvin, she is a toy size, right at 10 inches, weighs 6 lbs, super playful, very loyal, loves to cuddle, she got this from her dad Calvin. Her puppies are just gorgeous!
JAX– black/white parti male, toy size, stands 9 inches. This guy is a hoot! He will be the first to greet you, loves everyone, always ready for a game of fetch. His Puppies all have his great, playful personality.
calvin 3 5-16CALVIN – black/white parti male, toy size, stands 8 1/2 inches, he is a little guy. He has given us lovely small parti pups. Plays well with others, all his puppies are sweet. Very playful, more of a lover. . .
BO "MAMBO" red/white parti, mini size future stud, this guy is out going, we are excited to see him pass this playful smart personality onto his pups. He is great with strangers, kids, wants to say hi to everyone. Working on basic obedience, and he is a smart one. Already knows a few tricks to show off when you meet him.