“A Dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than he/she loves them self”

We have Toy Parti color and black.  Small Miniature  Apricot, Reds and Blacks!   I do not breed toy reds, I breed toy parti color, my reds are mini size.  Our dogs are AKC registered, PRA and Cataract tested.
Ask us about adult dog adoption, occasionally we adopt one out.  Our Poodles play in the yard during the day, and sleep in their crates at night, some of you were concerned that I do not crate train. I am a big believer in crate training.

Gamay and Vanna - full sisters, dark red, mini size, stand about 12 inches, weigh 13 lbs. These girls are such a delight, full of kisses, smart, best friends with all the dogs. And we can't forget that they are very smart, quick learners!
NADIA - black/white parti female, toy size, 10 inches, built lean, Her mom is Desiree and dad is Jax. Playful, active and and so sweet. Look for her puppies next summer
ASHIA – Brindle/sable in color, stands 11 1/2 inches, small Mini, she is super loving, playful. Conformation is correct, fancy mover. She enjoys playing on the agility obstacles, good in obedience. Very serious hunter, when allowed. She gives us brindle/tri color parti puppies!
des wegotpuppies 400DESIREE - black/white parti female, small mini, 11 inches, built lean, gorgeous conformation. Playful, active and passes this fun personality onto her puppies. Her puppies are always gorgeous, you have to get in line for her pups. Desiree loves her tennis ball, actually loves all games that interact with people. She is my shadow, always by my side if not with her puppies.
FERGIE– beautiful red, small mini, stands 12 inches, super playful, friendly, she is not shy but I would call her "Mellow". Very smart of course. She loves to "talk" to us! She comes in at night and watched TV with us.
Her puppies are stunning.
LEXI - daughter of Desiree and Calvin, she is a toy size, right at 10 inches, weighs 8 lbs, super playful, very loyal, loves to cuddle, she got this from her dad Calvin. Her puppies are just gorgeous!
WILLA– Apricot with white, mini size, stands 12 inches, her mom is Fergie. Look for her puppies next next year!
MOOKIE – black/white parti male, large toy/small mini stands 11 inches inches, weighs 9 lbs. He is our future stud. Look for his puppies next year.
SPUD - Outstanding stud, he is miniature size, very fun loving, in obedience training now. Amazingly SMART! he is maturing into a gorgeous poodle, I can not fault his conformation. His coat is coming in with silky lush cures
HAZEL - Cairn Terrier, greatest little ranch dog ever! Super sweet, playful, will always love to greet you! We breed her to our toy poodle stud. Cutest pups ever.