denise 5x7 3-21At Canyon Spring Ranch we are a small breeder who loves their animals!  We carefully selected our male and female poodles and believe we have matched them very well.  We take great pride in our breeding program.   We raise pre loved easily trainable family pets. Also many of our poodles are therapy and medical service dogs. A few puppies have made it to “Hollywood”! (check out Gracie “Dog with a Blog”) All our dogs live with us.  They are in and out of the house playing in our big yard or cuddled up in the house with us. They all play together outside and sleep at my feet while I am on the computer.  All the puppies are raised inside.   Our Poodles are special and let us know all the time!

We not only produce wonderful puppies but we work with our Poodles on obedience and you will see our agility course set up in the yard. We are always working/playing with our dogs to bring out the best in socializing and building their confidence.
We are AKC inspected, Licensed with the county and have our kennel license.

 We know our dogs and study pedigrees.  All our breeding dogs are DNA and PRA tested. We know where our puppies come from, background, who the parents and grandparents are as well as temperaments.  Only the best are kept back for breeding to produce healthy, well adjusted companions that best represent the
“Standards of the Breed”.
Know where your puppy comes from, meet the parents,  Buy from a professional Breeder, Don’t purchase a pup from a marketing company, they don’t know anything about the puppies background, where the puppy came from, and they don’t care.  They market pups like a commodity.

Puppies are not a product, they are little souls who will love you unconditionally